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Urdhva Dhanurasana

23 Sep


Yoga Asana in Wat Po, Bangkok


New Yoga Class at MDI, 24 Hope Street, Liverpool. wednesdays 12.45pm-1.30pm. (12th september to 17th october)

6 Sep

Lunchtime Yoga for Beginners (and intermediate welcome) * 6 weeks * Mersey Dance Iinitiative, 24 Hope Street, Liverpool. wednesdays 12.45pm-1.30pm. (12th september to 17th october)

Birgit practiced yoga for many years, has visited Mysore in Southern India to study Yoga 3 times, spend 3 months with Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangaswamy practicing Ashtanga Yoga and has a lot of respect for her teachers (and is sad not to have been able to practice again with Sharath, the only obstacle was money). In 2012 she also took her Yoga Teacher Training Qualification in Mysore, with Bharat Shetty, a teacher who calls B.K.S. Iyengar his guru, but does not use yoga props. Additionally Birgit is also a Trained Thai Massage Practitioner, which benefits her teaching.

In Liverpool she owes most of what she has learnt to Cliff Bond, her teacher for many years, and also Frank Perry and Debbie Redcliffe. It is important to have teachers. Birgit practices and teaches from the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence & a special sequence taught by Bharat Shetty in Mysore which originates from BKS Iyengar & a gentle yin practice. All are forms of Hatha Yoga. The classical Yoga of the body which can affect the mind and health. She believes in listening to the body and what it needs that day.

In these coming weeks the theme of the classes that you will attend will be: Connection to the body and awareness of the space we are in. 

The class can be used as an introduction for complete beginners to yoga and intermediate students are welcome, too. Flexibility is not essential, neither is fitness, only a willingness to go on an adventure is.. You will work within your ability and listen to your body. If you are already familiar with Yoga you might be surprised how much work you can do in a downward dog or simple sun salutation.

Birgit offers an accompanying free class, on a saturday afternoon, only for those who attend the wednesday sessions.

On saturdays: we will apply what we learn on wednesdays and learn shake off the past week, getting ready for the next. This class is offered as a gift but attendance is not essential to enjoy wednesday lunchtime.