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Yin Yoga & Classica Hatha Yoga in Padova, Italy

19 Apr

Traditional one-to-one yoga classes. I teach every morning 7:00 h and afternoon 18:00 h. Additional classes on request. 

I am also available for Thai Massage Treatment bookings.

Italy mobile: 327 024 4112

Yin Yoga & Classical Hatha Yoga in Liverpool

19 Apr

Small classes and traditional one-to-one Yoga lessons are available from June 21st. Every weekday morning 7am & 9.30am AND afternoon: 4.30pm & 6pm

contact me early to book your places.

UK number: 07415 188 944

Italy number: 327 024 4112




3 Apr

I really like the detailed explanations in this talk through of the Ashtanga Yoga practice (many benefits will apply to Asana Yoga in general)