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Now offering Thai Massage in San Francisco & Oakland & Berkeley

23 Jun

I may already have mentioned it but I have now arrived in California and am still looking for some wool blankets to use instead of a Thai Massage mat. I found that working on a few wool blankets layered on top of each other was really good for me as the practitioner (the wool left me feeling more grounded than synthetic and spongy mats) and so far clients have felt good, too.

As I am only just arrived 3 weeks ago I am still in need of good recommendations for 100% wool blankets (70% + other fiber would also be ok). Tomorrow I will be giving my first treatment to a volunteer. We will film the massage session and add it here to my website to give everybody an even better idea of how a massage treatment looks and what to expect during your own session.


My Thai Massage study and practice history

1 Jun


I was in Thailand continuing my Thai Massage Training as well as the online Theory Program, additionally I photographed a lot and eventually learnt my first Tok Sen techniques from a very good teacher. (I’ll tell you about this in person, in short: Tok Sen is a vibrational therapy, very useful in releasing very tight muscles prior to a Thai Massage treatment.)

MARCH 2013

4 weeks study trip to my school in Chiang Mai

APRIL – MAY 2012

5 weeks study trip to my school in Chiang Mai

OCTOBER – JANUARY 2011 – 2012

Started learning Traditional Thai Massage (with my partner Jason) at the Chetawan Wat Po school in Chiang Mai, with a student to teacher ration of:  1-2 teachers per student! (This was possible as there were very few tourists in Thailand due t the nationwide serious flooding) We were extraordinarily lucky getting this level of attention for our first 3 months of study. The head teacher of the school is outstanding and became my teacher until today (2015)!