About Birgit

2018 June : I am currently in San Francisco.

I am deeply immersed in learning about Traditional Healing Practices first hand. Updates to follow soon. 

Available for Thai Massage work & Yoga Classes from August 2018. Please book 4-8 weeks ahead to secure your appointment, accepting only a few clients while I am here to learn what the universe is sending me.

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2017 January :  I am currently in LIVERPOOL

Accepting bookings for February / March / April / May. 


Clients of all age groups and health conditions welcome. Please book early as I do sometimes run out of appointments.

My current client and student ages range from 29 to 74. With Health conditions including sciatica, arthritis, stroke, general or age related stiffness, joint issues, low immune system as well as clients with completely flawless health.


I am qualified through ongoing Thai Massage training at Wat Po with about 285+ hours to date; + 30 hours Advanced study with the Sunshine Network School; + 75 hours Thai Medical Theory study with the Naga Center – School of Thai Massage in Portland; + 18 hours training in Tok Sen practice at Wat Mahawan in Chiang Mai; + 200 hour Yoga Teacher training course by Yoga India, which is certified by Yoga Alliance, & a weekend course in Anatomy and Kinesiology with Noah McKenna in Mysore India: 

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and here some client feedback:

…”detailed and professional” “for the first time in 20 years my feet and legs feel alive and much happier” “thousand thanks for the wonderful massage for body, mind and soul. It was a beautiful and sensitive experience.” “thanks so much for the wonderful work” “an enervating and fascinating experience” “I cannot praise enough the healing and heart opening power of Thai Massage”


I have a sincere interest in holistic approaches to health and general Wellness. What do I understand as holistic health? Health that doesn’t come with one pill, one visit to a doctor but health that springs from a close alliance with natural life, being mindful of one’s body, food, physical and spiritual environment. I believe that food can have the power to heal. Not perhaps everything, not perhaps exclusively. But fundamentally, yes. I hope that through body work you will experience wellbeing, perhaps you may gain additional body awareness and body confidence. I believe that massage and yoga have a huge potential to help release tension, raise energy, raise awareness in our body and as a possible direct result raise awareness of what we eat and how we treat our bodies and with that our emotional wellbeing and mental abilities.

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6 Responses to “About Birgit”

  1. Maguelonne June 24, 2015 at 7:47 am #

    Thanks to your yoga sessions and massages, I feel my body alive and more relaxed. My back pains, tensions and sciatica are much better now and thanks to your tips I can work on those sensitive points and control the pain when it comes. Thank you for making aware of my body and for listening to it by adjusting with the right exercices!

  2. Joe ST May 23, 2015 at 10:12 pm #

    I’ve had both a foot massage and Thai massages from Birgit, and they’ve all been great experiences. The foot massage is stimulating but also left me really relaxed.

    Thai massage is a very thorough process, that works all muscles and breaks down all areas of tension to balance the body out. Receiving the massage really helped to re-align my spine from the bottom of my legs to the top of my neck.

    If you’re at all worried about the level of pressure she will adjust sensitively to your personal level of comfort.

  3. Rene Marcellino January 15, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    Hi Birgit,
    Thank you for following my thaibodywork blog.
    You discovered Thai Massage and got the “fever”…..
    Wish you all best on the “road”
    Rene Marcellino

  4. meralgiaparesthetica July 11, 2012 at 3:55 am #

    Thanks for your note. How do I link my business website to your website? Our workshop clients are all given lessons in yoga as well as a Thai massage. I want to promote those disciplines to everyone and will be happy to help you do so, too.


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