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At last: my American work permit has arrived! Massage treatments are now available & seeking Yoga students

17 Jun

A week ago my work permit arrived through the post and I am now completely fine to work in America, as well as England and Europe. What a relief. It actually came surprisingly early, at least a month ahead of the expected time.

Here are my upcoming locations (but I can travel if you are elsewhere)

until July 9th: Richmond district, near Seacliffe, San Francisco, CA

July 10th – August 10th: Mission District, San Francisco, CA

August 10th – September 10th: El Cerrito, East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

September 10th – onwards: TBC


Traditional Thai Massage (women only, unless referred by a friend) : $60 per treatment off peak times / $80 per treatment peak times

treatments last 60 – 90 minutes, please wear clean, comfortable clothes with long sleeves and long legs (not shorts)

Small (maximum 3 students) or private Yoga classes (women only, unless referred by a friend): $30 per hour off peak times / $45 peak times

off peak: weekday daytime

peak time: week days 12pm-2pm, 6 – 9 pm & the entire weekend.


Q: why women only? Essentially to protect myself. If you have a friend who genuinely wants to come to practice yoga or receive a Traditional Thai Massage then that is completely fine.