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from a photography session with my Thai Massage teacher Somwang Khachenniam

23 Feb


before I left Chiang Mai I took some photographs for my Thai Massage Teachers Somwang Khachenniam & Kea Metawarin Kap. This is one of my favourites from the few closeups that I shot that day.

Incredible teachers & thai massage practitioners.


Continuing studies, starting the year fresh

23 Jan

I am in Thailand continuing my Thai Massage Training as well as the online Theory Program with the Nephyr, director of the Naga Massage School in Portland Oregon. Like as if that wasn’t plenty I stumbled on a Mysore Ashtanga Teacher and am finding my way back into the fold of the Ashtanga family. I missed this!

All of this is only possible really because I stay in a small studio apartment where the rent is just over $100 per month (3500 Baht)… there is more to this, I’ll explain in another post.

So for the past week my days started at 5.45am and I was reasonably busy until about 6pm, by the time I had dinner it was closing in on bed time.

To try and see if I can change my life a bit this year I am beginning with working on my night owl habits.. For the past week I managed to go to sleep most nights by 9pm. If I don’t go to sleep this early then I won’t be able to get up early to make it to Yoga class. And It all just feels so incredibly healthy and why wouldn’t I got to sleep when it means I can make my way to the yoga studio and feel my fragile body wake up and remember how to move?

It has been astonishing to see how much fear I hold and how much this keeps me from living a full life. Finding myself stand on the yoga mat means facing some of those fears and finding out that yes: I have some physical limitations but the rest of me is fine and wants to move, get strong and feel that amazing feeling that you can only feel when you have done a yoga practice, with as much concentration as you can manage and with sincerity. It is too easy to make excuses.

I keep remembering that we have only one life. So if maybe I need a hip operation one day then that is ok, but the remainder of my body still needs the endorphins that come with moving it.

At this point I don’t know how long I will be able to keep up my early morning routine. I hope I can cement it into my system and start a new life.

The Thai Massage practice plans are also changing. I am finding myself very reluctant to spend money at a new School with teachers who may or may not be as outstanding as my current ones. It is quite a hurdle when you don’t have much money. You have to make your choices so much more carefully.

So my current updated thoughts are: to continue refreshing my memory with my old teachers before moving on to any other ones. The idea is that it ought to be better to be good at one style of massage, really good rather than muddle my way through several?? Well I am still having longings for practice in the Northern style, too.

It is bed time. I will ponder these thoughts again tomorrow.

Life is Easy

5 Oct

It was by chance that I stumbled on this talk this evening when I was listening to a couple of other good talks about what is really essential in life. What we really need instead of what we hold onto out of fear. But none of the talks spoke to me like this one did.

It felt like Jon Jandai responded directly to a conversation I have been having with myself over the past year and which feels like it is coming to a point of critical mass, that moment when some change will take place because it just has to. The way that nature takes its course at times because nothing can any longer remain the same.

So here it is, the most positive and life affirming talk that I have heard in the longest time and which answers questions that nobody answered for me before. And you know what is mad? I met this man and said yes when he asked me to make some drawings for his business about 18 months or even 3 years ago, I was in Chiang Mai several times and I am not sure which time we spoke. But then life happened and I just failed to follow up. Little did I know that right at my fingertips was a person who has some answers. but maybe I had to go on the journey first. I couldn’t have the answers until the question became so burning that I was ready.

I don’t know, maybe it’s humbug. But I felt seriously brimming with joy and a sense of serendipity when I stumbled on this talk. I would like to invite you to sit still and see if the words resonate with you as much as they did for me. Please feel welcome to leave me any thoughts in the comments section.

At last: my American work permit has arrived! Massage treatments are now available & seeking Yoga students

17 Jun

A week ago my work permit arrived through the post and I am now completely fine to work in America, as well as England and Europe. What a relief. It actually came surprisingly early, at least a month ahead of the expected time.

Here are my upcoming locations (but I can travel if you are elsewhere)

until July 9th: Richmond district, near Seacliffe, San Francisco, CA

July 10th – August 10th: Mission District, San Francisco, CA

August 10th – September 10th: El Cerrito, East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

September 10th – onwards: TBC


Traditional Thai Massage (women only, unless referred by a friend) : $60 per treatment off peak times / $80 per treatment peak times

treatments last 60 – 90 minutes, please wear clean, comfortable clothes with long sleeves and long legs (not shorts)

Small (maximum 3 students) or private Yoga classes (women only, unless referred by a friend): $30 per hour off peak times / $45 peak times

off peak: weekday daytime

peak time: week days 12pm-2pm, 6 – 9 pm & the entire weekend.


Q: why women only? Essentially to protect myself. If you have a friend who genuinely wants to come to practice yoga or receive a Traditional Thai Massage then that is completely fine.

San Francisco Coast

26 Feb

San Francisco Coast

all photographs are under copyright, please contact me if you want to re-post any of my work. Always include my full name.


breathing / meditation

8 Sep

I think this is simply and clearly presented. It is easy to follow and effective.

I would know as I am currently riding on the oceans of a wild and stormy life, it appears that somebody didn’t pack a compass nor packed a guide to the stars. So while my little boat is tossed to and fro and I wonder where it will all lead me – all the while hoping that I will not capsize – this little breathing meditation is soothing and helpful.


I woke this morning with neckpain

7 Aug

.. I just woke up a little while ago because I was in so much pain with my neck that I couldn’t sleep. I tried this yoga video, and while it didn’t fix the neckpain, it did help keep my shoulders mobile, with the neck pain radiating from it’s spot up the neck and down the shoulder and arm these yoga exercises were helpful to keep check of the knock on effects.

This teacher also has a video for neck pain, which didn’t quite hit the sweet spot of mine but also was helpful.

Remember: when you are in pain then the solution may require a few days of regular gentle practice. I think people often want there to be an immediate solution (very understandable from where I am at this morning) but immediate might be even harmful. Think of it this way: it took certain prolonged or repeat actions to cause you this injury or discomfort so therefor it makes sense that it will require some mindful changes to resolve it. What do you think? And do you have an immediate cure for my neck pain? (wink)


You have so, so much power to create a world that makes you proud..

20 May

I find this video showing the CEO of Nestle speak about nature, water and work absolutely, wildly terrifying. I shuddered all the way through watching this video. Where did this devilish man appear from?! Spawn of rotting badness!.. Vote by NON-purchase. Please do!

And that is just it, if you choose just 5% of ethically, environmentally better choices than you might have done until today. And if you keep up that 5% and maybe make it 10% next month and stick to it, then you can change our world.

We are collective so, so powerful and strong. Everybody counts so much. Everybody’s actions count for so much. Weigh in your vote and vote with your purchase choices.

Climate, ethics, health, mind and happiness. Dear friends will you join me; a tiny bit is so incredibly much more than nothing. And everybody no matter how buys or poor can do their best and contribute a tiny bit, what do you think? Do you agree?

Tumeric and Cinnamon

10 May

Sorry this is just a short one:

I wanted to quickly share how incredibly much both tumeric and cinnamon seem to have helped me with my terrible joint inflammation on my left big toe joints. The pain was starting to spread and make me quite miserable when I remembered to add the anti-inflammatory tumeric to pretty much everything I ate. (I eat a lot of raw things and banana smoothies made with bananas and coconut milk. I don’t usually eat much wheat or processed foods. But had just emerged from a period of travel in which my food choices were limited, and it seemed to have set off the inflammations, which worryingly I think are a form of arthritis.).

It took just a couple of days to make a difference. Beware though: tumeric will stain your teeth, so brush extra carefully, extra properly. Both spices together seem to have made a huge difference to my wellbeing. I doubt that this was psychosomatic, I was too busy to think about the ‘wonder-cures’, they just worked while I had forgotten that I was even using them. They helped more than I hoped they could.

Yin Yoga & Classica Hatha Yoga in Padova, Italy

19 Apr

Traditional one-to-one yoga classes. I teach every morning 7:00 h and afternoon 18:00 h. Additional classes on request. 

I am also available for Thai Massage Treatment bookings.

Italy mobile: 327 024 4112