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bicycle thieves inspire me to work

27 Feb

or A Lesson in Attachment / Detachment

Last night our bicycles were stolen; despite being locked at the back of the property where we rent a room; and I am sure there is something to be learned from this but I may need some suggestions to figure it out. Our first response was just “What rascals would steal from poor people?”. Replacing the cycles will be a little difficult for us at the moment and will mean a couple of months of noticeable tightening of the proverbial belt; so we considered that as passing for poor.

Arguably this situation arose somewhat by choice, the “poor” part. I partially blame it on my sense of not ever wanting to break the rules and therefor keeping to the no-work-rule as I have no work permit here in America. Keeping to the rules should make life more comfortable, surely…

However where it is somewhat my choice is this: I could have made the drawings that a client in Canada is waiting for that would pay for a simple entry level second hand bicycle. The order was made when I was still in England and would go through my English bank account.. So maybe I am not so poor after all, just poorly organized and the person making off with our bicycles was clearly better organized than I…

Attachment / detachment… I should attach stronger to my existing clients who clearly would be all too happy to receive their drawings from me.. And detach from the victim feeling – as indulgent as it is to lay wake and wonder if the thieves will return for my half broken laptop.

Reinterpreting the loss of my only mode of transport as a sign that I seriously must stay at home, indoors and make those drawings!


San Francisco Coast

26 Feb

San Francisco Coast

all photographs are under copyright, please contact me if you want to re-post any of my work. Always include my full name.


breathing / meditation

8 Sep

I think this is simply and clearly presented. It is easy to follow and effective.

I would know as I am currently riding on the oceans of a wild and stormy life, it appears that somebody didn’t pack a compass nor packed a guide to the stars. So while my little boat is tossed to and fro and I wonder where it will all lead me – all the while hoping that I will not capsize – this little breathing meditation is soothing and helpful.


I woke this morning with neckpain

7 Aug

.. I just woke up a little while ago because I was in so much pain with my neck that I couldn’t sleep. I tried this yoga video, and while it didn’t fix the neckpain, it did help keep my shoulders mobile, with the neck pain radiating from it’s spot up the neck and down the shoulder and arm these yoga exercises were helpful to keep check of the knock on effects.

This teacher also has a video for neck pain, which didn’t quite hit the sweet spot of mine but also was helpful.

Remember: when you are in pain then the solution may require a few days of regular gentle practice. I think people often want there to be an immediate solution (very understandable from where I am at this morning) but immediate might be even harmful. Think of it this way: it took certain prolonged or repeat actions to cause you this injury or discomfort so therefor it makes sense that it will require some mindful changes to resolve it. What do you think? And do you have an immediate cure for my neck pain? (wink)


You have so, so much power to create a world that makes you proud..

20 May

I find this video showing the CEO of Nestle speak about nature, water and work absolutely, wildly terrifying. I shuddered all the way through watching this video. Where did this devilish man appear from?! Spawn of rotting badness!.. Vote by NON-purchase. Please do!

And that is just it, if you choose just 5% of ethically, environmentally better choices than you might have done until today. And if you keep up that 5% and maybe make it 10% next month and stick to it, then you can change our world.

We are collective so, so powerful and strong. Everybody counts so much. Everybody’s actions count for so much. Weigh in your vote and vote with your purchase choices.

Climate, ethics, health, mind and happiness. Dear friends will you join me; a tiny bit is so incredibly much more than nothing. And everybody no matter how buys or poor can do their best and contribute a tiny bit, what do you think? Do you agree?



3 Apr

I really like the detailed explanations in this talk through of the Ashtanga Yoga practice (many benefits will apply to Asana Yoga in general)


Meeting Kayo

25 Feb

Meeting Kayo

A senior Butoh dancer, whom I stumbled upon and whom I was able to share some time with.

Chiang Mai

24 Feb

Chiang Mai

let’s remember that we have bodies and they need stretching and sunshine

12 Dec

Parsva Konasana – yoga

when doing right is maybe simultaneously not right

18 Oct

Today I caught a thief in the street, who stole from my small struggling local grocery store.. While I held onto him and he returned his bounty I started to feel sad. Pathetic thin pretend-down jacket that he will likely hope will keep him warm this winter. A man in poverty and I caught him stealing. I don’t feel good about myself at all. 

I cycled after him as soon as I could get away from the cheers of the shop worker, who called me superwoman and shouted “thief” and “shame” after the thief.. I tried to find him to give him £2. I think he could have used it even more than me. Being as short of money as I was in the last 5 months has really realigned my comprehension of ‘not having’. 

Feel sad that I caught a thief and grabbed his jacket, so he couldn’t escape a second time.