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Aside 11 Nov

Tomorrow… Always tomorrow…

7 Nov

Isn’t curious how optimism has a tendeny to lead us to make plans that go a bit like this: once I get to SF then I will be really organised and I will write every day and draw a picture daily, too and of course that a beautiful photograph every day as well.. And I will study 4 hours a day as well as work on proposals for my next art project (for which I will find funding and apply for it) … Yes……..

let’s take stock of what actually happened…

After having weeks to think about it I realize AFTER I reached SF that I didn’t like my original blog’s URL address. So I spent a long afternoon and evening changing everything over. Loosing a subscriber in the process.. Then I learn that I have maxed out my image allowance with Picasa and therefor either can’t upload any more photographs to my blogs or will have to go a roundabout way and use Flickr again as my image host.. So far do good, but something changed in the permissions and post sections and now I can no long blog images that are set to private within Flickr itself.? Why? No reason other than to create hurdles.. a can not see why this has to be a problem. I pay for my Flickr account and should be able to use my images as I wish to.

See…I don’t want all of my images to be viewable on Flickr. Why? it is just my preference. Then blog as giving me a whole lot of extremely time consuming problems a which made me use bad words in the privacy of my home..Well.. Technically it is somebody else’s home but let’s not dwell on that right this moment…

so, now I am feeling like my wonderful plan of getting my Etsy shop going and writing this amazingly laid out, attractive blog is somewhat doomed.. I am wondering who in their right mind would read my streams of unstoppable thoughta and then follow through with a purchase in my Etsy shop.

but I still think I should keep a blog, a note otiming here in SF.


moving from blogspot because it is annoying me

6 Nov

After YEARS of being a loyal blogspot disciple I am now absolutely DONE with some of their more recent ‘upgrades’ that have made blogspot unusable. After spending SIGNIFICANLY more time fixing things over the past week than working on my actual business (for which I had chose blogspot as a platform) I am now well and truly DONE… If had any doubts, they are gone now and hello WordPress, I am yours. xxx