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Life is Easy

5 Oct

It was by chance that I stumbled on this talk this evening when I was listening to a couple of other good talks about what is really essential in life. What we really need instead of what we hold onto out of fear. But none of the talks spoke to me like this one did.

It felt like Jon Jandai responded directly to a conversation I have been having with myself over the past year and which feels like it is coming to a point of critical mass, that moment when some change will take place because it just has to. The way that nature takes its course at times because nothing can any longer remain the same.

So here it is, the most positive and life affirming talk that I have heard in the longest time and which answers questions that nobody answered for me before. And you know what is mad? I met this man and said yes when he asked me to make some drawings for his business about 18 months or even 3 years ago, I was in Chiang Mai several times and I am not sure which time we spoke. But then life happened and I just failed to follow up. Little did I know that right at my fingertips was a person who has some answers. but maybe I had to go on the journey first. I couldn’t have the answers until the question became so burning that I was ready.

I don’t know, maybe it’s humbug. But I felt seriously brimming with joy and a sense of serendipity when I stumbled on this talk. I would like to invite you to sit still and see if the words resonate with you as much as they did for me. Please feel welcome to leave me any thoughts in the comments section.