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17 Aug

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earning a living teaching yoga

15 Aug

… I think sometimes people wonder why any self employed person should charge £25 – £75 per hour. Let me briefly explain. If the person wants to be independent from the benefit system and hopes to save money also then it is absolutely essential that they charge at the very least £25 per hour. Income tax, council tax, training costs, maintaining this training, insurance costs, and basic living add up to a lot. ..

It might be obvious to some, but £25-£75 is really a true reflection of the skills and services you pay for, assuming that you agree that you would like to be able to rely on the service provider (teacher, plumber, artist, practitioner). If we pay people too little they will not be able to afford to offer the service that is so important to us. It might take some time to really value what we receive. I personally understand that it is difficult to pay £35 for a footmassage, it’s just feet, right?

Actually it all of the body, it’s the emotional and physical health and well-being that is affected. That’s worth investing in more than objects consumed, second rate dinners had in ‘all right’ restaurants, beverages that leave the distinct memory of a poisoned experience (hangover).. Remember: The Wealth of Health? It’s so so valuable.

Recently I have met a number of clients who all either had neck & shoulder problems, lower back problems or both. In my reading those are signs that the body is weakened, that emotions might be jumbled, that the body and probably mind are over stressed and the body responds and gives signals. I’m not free from those kinds of manifestations, by far, we are all at times receiving signals from our bodies. But if we can recognize what is going on and try to respond by supporting our bodies then I think we are stepping in the right direction.

I see a lot of people thinking nothing about leaving £20-£40 in a cafe for foods, drinks, service that are often average and forgettable; or spend the same on clothing that is inessential but provides a moment of satisfaction. I propose that we give that investment to our bodies as a gift instead. Strengthening our muscles, which can then support our body. Soothing and liberating energy with bodywork so we can experience living more freely, more joyfully. 

What do you think? 

I think consistent small steps towards a well rounded lifestyle would be great.

Video 15 Aug

A beautiful reminder that life and living is for ‘now’

announcement: Artist vs Holistic Professional

4 Aug

Dear friends:

just in case you are a little confused if you know me only as a full time artists. I’ve decided that for better balance in life I would like to contribute more to my own as well as other’s wellbeing and sense of balance. I remain adamant to exhibit in Venice at the most glorious Art Biennale there is, rather sooner than later, I continue to make art and take it professionally serious.

But Health is a gift that I would like to remind everyone to value. And I would like to support friends and strangers as they become my students and clients in finding their best balance. 

I choose to earn my living not with bar/cafe work or selling items that clutter our beautiful and fragile planet but instead with something that I see as a gift to our health. A gift that leaves no trace other than a sense of wellbeing, improved immune system, greater flexibility, better focus of mind, better sleep…. (endless benefits).. I wonder if you understand this. I would like to invite you to book a treatment with me before the end of august as I have some plans that may take me out of Liverpool (art plans). In january I might teach in Cambodia, which would mean that I will continue bodywork training in Thailand straight after. Which would in turn mean that your next chance of a treatment will be around february/march, at potentially increased cost unless you are an existing client… Don’t leave your body hanging, take the opportunity now. Looking forward to seeing you for Massage or Yoga. (if you really want to you can also massage your brain: I still teach German language)