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bicycle thieves inspire me to work

27 Feb

or A Lesson in Attachment / Detachment

Last night our bicycles were stolen; despite being locked at the back of the property where we rent a room; and I am sure there is something to be learned from this but I may need some suggestions to figure it out. Our first response was just “What rascals would steal from poor people?”. Replacing the cycles will be a little difficult for us at the moment and will mean a couple of months of noticeable tightening of the proverbial belt; so we considered that as passing for poor.

Arguably this situation arose somewhat by choice, the “poor” part. I partially blame it on my sense of not ever wanting to break the rules and therefor keeping to the no-work-rule as I have no work permit here in America. Keeping to the rules should make life more comfortable, surely…

However where it is somewhat my choice is this: I could have made the drawings that a client in Canada is waiting for that would pay for a simple entry level second hand bicycle. The order was made when I was still in England and would go through my English bank account.. So maybe I am not so poor after all, just poorly organized and the person making off with our bicycles was clearly better organized than I…

Attachment / detachment… I should attach stronger to my existing clients who clearly would be all too happy to receive their drawings from me.. And detach from the victim feeling – as indulgent as it is to lay wake and wonder if the thieves will return for my half broken laptop.

Reinterpreting the loss of my only mode of transport as a sign that I seriously must stay at home, indoors and make those drawings!


San Francisco Coast

26 Feb

San Francisco Coast

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