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San Francisco Coast

26 Feb

San Francisco Coast

all photographs are under copyright, please contact me if you want to re-post any of my work. Always include my full name.


Tomorrow… Always tomorrow…

7 Nov

Isn’t curious how optimism has a tendeny to lead us to make plans that go a bit like this: once I get to SF then I will be really organised and I will write every day and draw a picture daily, too and of course that a beautiful photograph every day as well.. And I will study 4 hours a day as well as work on proposals for my next art project (for which I will find funding and apply for it) … Yes……..

let’s take stock of what actually happened…

After having weeks to think about it I realize AFTER I reached SF that I didn’t like my original blog’s URL address. So I spent a long afternoon and evening changing everything over. Loosing a subscriber in the process.. Then I learn that I have maxed out my image allowance with Picasa and therefor either can’t upload any more photographs to my blogs or will have to go a roundabout way and use Flickr again as my image host.. So far do good, but something changed in the permissions and post sections and now I can no long blog images that are set to private within Flickr itself.? Why? No reason other than to create hurdles.. a can not see why this has to be a problem. I pay for my Flickr account and should be able to use my images as I wish to.

See…I don’t want all of my images to be viewable on Flickr. Why? it is just my preference. Then blog as giving me a whole lot of extremely time consuming problems a which made me use bad words in the privacy of my home..Well.. Technically it is somebody else’s home but let’s not dwell on that right this moment…

so, now I am feeling like my wonderful plan of getting my Etsy shop going and writing this amazingly laid out, attractive blog is somewhat doomed.. I am wondering who in their right mind would read my streams of unstoppable thoughta and then follow through with a purchase in my Etsy shop.

but I still think I should keep a blog, a note otiming here in SF.