Thai Footmassage with Reflexology

Footmassage Parties for small gatherings with up to 9 guests :

from $135 (please get in touch with your details, date & location and I can give you an exact estimate for your party)

The price includes transport along BART or regular Muni lines, a modest additional travel reimbursement and travel time fee may apply for difficult to reach locations in San Francisco or the Bay Area.


I use 100% USDA certified organic nut and seed vegetable oils, 100% usda certified organic essential oils can be added at small additional charge. I have some muscle relieving balms from Thailand, which are not organic and can be included in the standard package. (The are made with mineral oils, which I will in the future phase out and make my own healing balms so that I will have 100% control over the ingredients)

Wat Po style Thai FOOTMASSAGE with Reflexology is a wonderful first encounter with Massage for many people. Technically speaking ‘Thai Footmassage’ is a fusion massage. Thai People enjoy it very much but in itself it isn’t specifically Thai. Unlike Thai Massage which is authentically Thai, Footmassage arrived through the course of time with the demands of foreign visitors. But this is not to say that it is a secondary experience. Far from it. Most of my clients have simply loved the experience and came back becoming regular clients.

I recommend it very much for clients who have not received any body work previously and are curious about how it might feel. It feels amazing for most. I have been giving footmassages for well over a decade before training at Wat Po and enjoy the combination of the Wat Po sequence with my own style tremendously. If you have never had a foot massage then you will not recognize your feet, they will feel and even look so refreshed / relaxed. Footmassage of course affects the WHOLE body. This is a beautiful way to begin a journey of getting to know yourself and body better. Treat yourself with love.

I believe that Foot massages are such an amazing entry towards healing, in case you need it, or to remedy stress (and who doesn’t need that).

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