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Countdown to the New Year 2019!

30 Sep

I am not joking. I started a project yesterday to guarantee that 2019 will be off to a strong start. There are roughly 125 days remaining until 2019. It occurred to me how we have this ritual of making new year resolutions to begin the new year afresh and start our life anew. Well, what if instead of feeling that this year is pacing past me and I can’t catch up with it, what if instead I approached it differently? So decided to begin this project that I called: ” Beginning The Rest of My Life” it has multiple steps and parts but part one is simply this:

Challenge myself physically. In my case this means stepping back onto the yoga mat, away from therapeutic yoga and daring to return to a practice that takes its inspiration from Mysore, from Ashtanga. I need to tell you more about this in the coming days but right now I just wanted to share that I am starting this new journey, I am starting the rest of my life right now. I have completed day 2 and am filming myself & creating an audio diary in the process.

The next post will be “Day 1: The Rest of My life”, keep an eye, it is coming soon.

I have two hopes for this project, part 1 is self interest, creating a documentation to check my progress. Part 2 is to share with you something that might inspire you and give you ideas for improving your own life in some way, too.

For now let me just say this, I have been letting myself down for a long time. I have praised myself for what I am achieving and for what I am doing to better myself, but I have made excuses for the things I know I need to do but didn’t. I want to change that. I want to commit to positive change completely not partially, because I want complete change for the better, not only a partial change.

See you in the next post: “Day 1: The Rest of My life”

In the meantime, let me ask you, what is in your life that you know would help you if you did it but you are avoiding? How could you benefit from a change of habits, actions, jumping over hurdles?