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Countdown to the New Year 2019!

30 Sep

I am not joking. I started a project yesterday to guarantee that 2019 will be off to a strong start. There are roughly 125 days remaining until 2019. It occurred to me how we have this ritual of making new year resolutions to begin the new year afresh and start our life anew. Well, what if instead of feeling that this year is pacing past me and I can’t catch up with it, what if instead I approached it differently? So decided to begin this project that I called: ” Beginning The Rest of My Life” it has multiple steps and parts but part one is simply this:

Challenge myself physically. In my case this means stepping back onto the yoga mat, away from therapeutic yoga and daring to return to a practice that takes its inspiration from Mysore, from Ashtanga. I need to tell you more about this in the coming days but right now I just wanted to share that I am starting this new journey, I am starting the rest of my life right now. I have completed day 2 and am filming myself & creating an audio diary in the process.

The next post will be “Day 1: The Rest of My life”, keep an eye, it is coming soon.

I have two hopes for this project, part 1 is self interest, creating a documentation to check my progress. Part 2 is to share with you something that might inspire you and give you ideas for improving your own life in some way, too.

For now let me just say this, I have been letting myself down for a long time. I have praised myself for what I am achieving and for what I am doing to better myself, but I have made excuses for the things I know I need to do but didn’t. I want to change that. I want to commit to positive change completely not partially, because I want complete change for the better, not only a partial change.

See you in the next post: “Day 1: The Rest of My life”

In the meantime, let me ask you, what is in your life that you know would help you if you did it but you are avoiding? How could you benefit from a change of habits, actions, jumping over hurdles?


from a photography session with my Thai Massage teacher Somwang Khachenniam

23 Feb


before I left Chiang Mai I took some photographs for my Thai Massage Teachers Somwang Khachenniam & Kea Metawarin Kap. This is one of my favourites from the few closeups that I shot that day.

Incredible teachers & thai massage practitioners.

about my teacher Somwang Khachenniam

31 Jan

This morning I learnt that Somwang Khachenniam and Kea Meta Kap together with a team are opening their own Thai Massage Spa & hopefully school below the South-East corner of the Chiang Mai old city moat.

I will share with you a google map address as soon as I have it confirmed.

In the meantime if you are looking for my incredible teacher then please get in touch with me and I will help you find this outstanding team! I do not make recommendations lightly: these are some of the very best teachers and very best practitioners of Thai Massage that you will ever find.




ajarn (teacher) Kea Meta Kap – Chiang Mai, Thailand

my incredible Thai Massage teacher Somwang Khaccenniam

14 Sep

my first and primary Thai Massage teacher Somwang Khaccenniam is soon opening a school and massage business in Sendai, Japan. Absolutely worth travelling to this location, all the more so because she is going into business with the authentic Thai restaurant owner who owns the entire building and makes delicious thai food.

If you are sincerely interested in reaching out to Somwang for training or classes then I can put you in touch. Somwang’s English is fluent but direct. She is lovely but will keep your focus tightly on your practice. You would expect nothing less from a person who has worked for the massage school Wat Po for 15 years without taking a holiday! For at least the last 10 years she was the head teacher of the Chiang Mai Chetawan Wat Po school. Under her strong leadership the school flourished into a superior learning environment.

A photograph that I took for my Thai Massage Teacher Somwang Khachenniam who is opening school in Japan! Can you believe how amazing this is for her!!!

A photograph that I took for my Thai Massage Teacher Somwang Khachenniam who is opening school in Japan! Can you believe how amazing this is for her!!! (model: Jason Stropko, who also studied with Somwang)

The current team of teacher as well as the new head teacher (left behind after Somwang’s departure) are fantastic and incredible in their own right. You would be very well advised to entrust yourself into their care.

I am certain to return to Chiang Mai to study with Nuy, who stays on at the Chetawan Chiang Mai Wat Po school, who knows so much about herbal thai medicines, about balm making, about thai element theory (and more), the other senior and supporting teachers are fabulous and some became good friends to me. I will always return to Chiang Mai to spend time with these wonderful teachers.

And simultaneously it is time for me to start saving to visit Somwang Khacceniam in Sendai, Japan and add a new teacher to my list. Nephyr Jacobsen, who runs the Naga Center School for Thai massage in Portland, Oregon. I already had the amazing opportunity to take a 10 week Theory course with her (which I hope to repeat this year, if she has space for me, as it was THAT good) and would love to deepen my practice and learn how she approaches Thai Massage.

Now offering Thai Massage in San Francisco & Oakland & Berkeley

23 Jun

I may already have mentioned it but I have now arrived in California and am still looking for some wool blankets to use instead of a Thai Massage mat. I found that working on a few wool blankets layered on top of each other was really good for me as the practitioner (the wool left me feeling more grounded than synthetic and spongy mats) and so far clients have felt good, too.

As I am only just arrived 3 weeks ago I am still in need of good recommendations for 100% wool blankets (70% + other fiber would also be ok). Tomorrow I will be giving my first treatment to a volunteer. We will film the massage session and add it here to my website to give everybody an even better idea of how a massage treatment looks and what to expect during your own session.

My Thai Massage study and practice history

1 Jun


I was in Thailand continuing my Thai Massage Training as well as the online Theory Program, additionally I photographed a lot and eventually learnt my first Tok Sen techniques from a very good teacher. (I’ll tell you about this in person, in short: Tok Sen is a vibrational therapy, very useful in releasing very tight muscles prior to a Thai Massage treatment.)

MARCH 2013

4 weeks study trip to my school in Chiang Mai

APRIL – MAY 2012

5 weeks study trip to my school in Chiang Mai

OCTOBER – JANUARY 2011 – 2012

Started learning Traditional Thai Massage (with my partner Jason) at the Chetawan Wat Po school in Chiang Mai, with a student to teacher ration of:  1-2 teachers per student! (This was possible as there were very few tourists in Thailand due t the nationwide serious flooding) We were extraordinarily lucky getting this level of attention for our first 3 months of study. The head teacher of the school is outstanding and became my teacher until today (2015)!

Foot massage and Yoga

2 Jul

Hampi central temple:


the past 2 weeks have been a little quiet, my hands hardly touched a foot or back or leg and the yoga mats have been quiet, too. I worked a lot on setting up an online presence that really still needs a  lot, lot, lot of work to fine tune it. Today I finally had a client, 90 minutes Foot massage, which was great. You start wondering what you are doing in the world, when you don’t get to practice / share what you know. The same goes for Art, too. I haven’t made much new work in the past year, taking a back seat, training in Massage and Yoga, taking time out to think through priorities. Health is an amazing gift, the bottom line is: make use of this and preserve it. Everything else will follow suit.

This week there are some bookings for Thai Massage and early morning yoga practice. I am happy to have a new student who would like to practice Mysore Style Ashtanga. This is really special for me, it takes me back to my time with Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga and the wish to return to practice with him. He died 2 years ago and instead of studying with Sharath, his grandson I practiced another Yoga style with a very nice teacher, Bharat Shetty, who runs Yoga India, also in Mysore.  Yoga India follows it’s own sequence which is related to the way Iyengar approaches his teaching. We used no props however. It was great studying here. This is also where I qualified for my Teaching qualification.

But from friday I will be practicing and teaching Mysore Style Ashtanga, self practice. 7.30am, 3-5 mornings a week. I have room for 2 more  students with / without experience, you should be dedicated to attending 3 mornings a week. Practice is done in silence, except for instructions. There is the option of joining the group as the students from the morning batch finish and leave. For this you may arrive at 9.00am, and start practice when a mat becomes available (with isntruction of course). Expect your practice to take between 45 minutes in the beginning to 90 minutes as you progress.

ASHTANGA Mysore Style Classes & YOGA INDIA style led CLASSES initial schedule: Please see the Yoga page

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18 Jun

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7 Jun

physically I am based in the UK. I have an apartment in Liverpool where you will currently find me most of the time and am available for work anywhere in the world.

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happy with my choice

4 Jun

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work on a fellow artist and I only found out as we started the Thai Massage that she has had plenty before. My first client in England with Thai Massage experience. I am not sure, perhaps it was this information or her general energy, I enjoyed the treatment a lot. It was the first in the UK where I felt back at home with the body, mine as well as my clients. I had the most peaceful moments and really good, good focus. The kind of focus that just comes effortlessly and flows. I felt affirmed in my choice and is was a wonderful experience to work on someone who I could sense was very accepting of my touch. A small milestone reached.

I couldn’t have been more happy, when she described my work as ‘seriös und detailliert’ (professional and detailed : in my pressure points and general touch). Feedback from someone who has had a lot of Thai Massage and the majority at Wat Pho which is where I learnt my skills. I would love to  jump on the next flight to Thailand to continue my studies. But this may have to wait a year, and I am very keen to find myself 2 clients daily.

I have never been happier than now. Life is good. A wonderful partner, a new career path, without abandoning the existing one. I just feel that Thai Massage and of course Foot Masssage and Oil Massage are so entirely worthwhile, so right and holistic and healthy for life. I think it is an incredible blessing that I could train in these gifts and like as if that wasn’t enough that I also got to study and qualify with a Yoga Teaching certificate. It’s just utterly amazing. I am grateful for this fantastic opportunity!

And I can’t wait to keep sharing it.