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18 Jun

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with my teachers Somewarn and Kaye

7 Jun

This was Soewarn’s birthday and Jason and I made her a flower bouquet made up of edible banana flowers, lotus flowers, a LOT of red hot chillies, some small edible flowering herbs.. missing Chetawan / Wat Pho School a lot. Thanks for the nicest teachers, with so MUCH knowledge and kindness.

where can you find me?

7 Jun

physically I am based in the UK. I have an apartment in Liverpool where you will currently find me most of the time and am available for work anywhere in the world.

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happy with my choice

4 Jun

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work on a fellow artist and I only found out as we started the Thai Massage that she has had plenty before. My first client in England with Thai Massage experience. I am not sure, perhaps it was this information or her general energy, I enjoyed the treatment a lot. It was the first in the UK where I felt back at home with the body, mine as well as my clients. I had the most peaceful moments and really good, good focus. The kind of focus that just comes effortlessly and flows. I felt affirmed in my choice and is was a wonderful experience to work on someone who I could sense was very accepting of my touch. A small milestone reached.

I couldn’t have been more happy, when she described my work as ‘seriös und detailliert’ (professional and detailed : in my pressure points and general touch). Feedback from someone who has had a lot of Thai Massage and the majority at Wat Pho which is where I learnt my skills. I would love to  jump on the next flight to Thailand to continue my studies. But this may have to wait a year, and I am very keen to find myself 2 clients daily.

I have never been happier than now. Life is good. A wonderful partner, a new career path, without abandoning the existing one. I just feel that Thai Massage and of course Foot Masssage and Oil Massage are so entirely worthwhile, so right and holistic and healthy for life. I think it is an incredible blessing that I could train in these gifts and like as if that wasn’t enough that I also got to study and qualify with a Yoga Teaching certificate. It’s just utterly amazing. I am grateful for this fantastic opportunity!

And I can’t wait to keep sharing it.


1 Jun

welcome to Sen Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga.

I am fully available to give Yoga Classes, private and groups in private and public spaces. In June 2012 my hourly fee is £25 – £45. Costs for a group class start from £6 depending on group size, very small groups (known also as semi-private classes) from £10 per hour.

You can contact me for massage treatments 7 days a week. See below for hourly rates:

Traditional Thai Massage adapted sequence 90 minutes: £60  +/+/+ full Traditional Thai Massage 120 minutes £80

Repeat clients: twice monthly minimum: 90 minutes: £50 +/+/+ 120 minutes £70

concession for low income considered on request.

you are welcome to take a browse in my shop section for Yoga Mats and Yoga Mat Bags as well as my Art work.