THAI MASSAGE  (prices in UK & USA currencies as I live part time in both countries, the USA prices are calculated taking into account living cost in the San Francisco Bay Area):  

{UK: 90 minutes £65 – house visits & treatment rooms / £35-£45 for private clients at my home- personal referral from existing clients essential; I am not accepting bookings from strangers at my house.} * * * {USA : 90-120 minutes $125 – $175, home & office visits available. Referrals given priority.}

For house calls: a moderate travel cost charge applies

Treatment duration 90 – 180 minutes 

available: A rare opportunity to experience a 3 hour Traditional Thai Massage for £85 / $195  – a foot massage can be incorporated into this session.


‘Thai Foot Massage’ with Reflexology   {UK: £35}  $65

I mainly use 100% organic nut- or seed- oils & simple organic balms made by myself as well as herbal balms from a Thai Pharmacy. 

Treatment duration 65 – 90 minutes 


1-2-1 YOGA classes with some Thai Massage adjustment : 60 – 90 minutes : UK: £25 – £35 

San Francisco: $45 – $75


KARMA OPTION: Please send me a message if you would love a Massage treatment or yoga classes but have difficulties with the price. I offer a good-karma price option to 2 clients per week. Please don’t feel shy to ask about this, please feel welcome.. Options can be payment in instalments, a trade agreement; or a discount to suit your current financial situation.


(No inappropriate ‘offers’ or requests, please! No naked yoga – you would be surprised how often I receive this request.. Sorry, but NO. No nude oil massages offered. All Thai Massage Appointments are strictly fully clothed and professional.)


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