Yoga Mat / props / books

The below items are things that I use regularly and feel that I can highly recommend to you for their durability, usefulness and quality. After very much research I have selected a couple of different yoga mats for their durability and therefor eco friendliness. I also use an eco yoga mat that I will add to the list shortly. (yes, I have about 3 regular use mats, this happened due to living life across 3 continents, it was more practical to have a mat in each place than to trace with one for a while.) – I will keep adding to this list for you.
UK links (please scroll down for USA links)
Manduka Yoga Mat (extremely durable)
Eco Yoga Mat (compostable)
Manduka Yoga Foam Block (slightly larger than the cork block, I recommend getting 2 of each)
Manduka Cork Block
An Amazing Vegetarian cookbook Cornucopia
USA links:
Manduka Mat
Manduka Foam Block
Manduka Cork Block
Pranayama Gregor Maehle
Cornucopia Vegetarian Cookbook:
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