Before your Appointment

Thai Massage:

*wear comfortable, loose long sleeved clothing, and loose long legged pants, leggings are ok but jogging pants would be even better. I may also have for you to wear in case you forget.

*You will benefit more from the treatment if you arrive on time, if you are late you may have a shorter massage.

*I recommend that you don’t drink caffeinated tea, coffee, fizzy soft drinks, and no alcohol before a treatment and allow 30-90 minutes to digest your small-medium sized meal before coming for massage.

*Please inform me of existing health issues, matters of stress and your cycle, I will adjust the treatment according to your needs. If you are pregnant I need to know also.

*For maximum benefit please leave some time between your massage and your next appointment.



*please arrive quietly at the class and observe silence during Yoga.

*We will use our lungs and scented air will be a distraction.

*I advise against drinking during practice but drink plenty of fluids before and after class.

*If you have a mat, please bring it with you.



“be mindful of others” and be kind to our nature, we need it.


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