Tok Sen

I would like to include Tok Sen into my regular Thai Massage Practice.

Tok sen is a “vibrational” (very western terminology to try and describe something profoundly Thai) form of bodywork in which a vibration is created for specific points on the body. (This is the description from the western perspective, in Thailand Tok Sen is also a form of spirit medicine, but this I am still learning about and can not say much about just yet)

A wide wooden peg and wooden mallet are used as aid to create these point specific vibrations: the wooden mallet strikes the peg and this way sends vibration deep into the tissue of the body. This practice is very useful in loosening tight muscles prior to a massage, but can be done as a stand alone practice.

Is there pain? : no, there should be no pain but an interesting feeling as specific points receive their vibration tapping..

Injury risk: very minimal, there is a fair chance of occasional bruises appearing, especially on certain points which held more tension than others. This is not a bad sign.

I am offering this practice included within a Thai Massage session. No additional payment is expected. Please just let me know if you are interested in trying Tok Sen and I will time our Thai Massage session accordingly.

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