My Thai Massage study and practice history

1 Jun


I was in Thailand continuing my Thai Massage Training as well as the online Theory Program, additionally I photographed a lot and eventually learnt my first Tok Sen techniques from a very good teacher. (I’ll tell you about this in person, in short: Tok Sen is a vibrational therapy, very useful in releasing very tight muscles prior to a Thai Massage treatment.)

MARCH 2013

4 weeks study trip to my school in Chiang Mai

APRIL – MAY 2012

5 weeks study trip to my school in Chiang Mai

OCTOBER – JANUARY 2011 – 2012

Started learning Traditional Thai Massage (with my partner Jason) at the Chetawan Wat Po school in Chiang Mai, with a student to teacher ration of:  1-2 teachers per student! (This was possible as there were very few tourists in Thailand due t the nationwide serious flooding) We were extraordinarily lucky getting this level of attention for our first 3 months of study. The head teacher of the school is outstanding and became my teacher until today (2015)!


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