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9 Jul

Life essentials in the words of a friend of mine: “Passionate about healthy conscious living in the full spectrum of life: work, relationships and the rest.”  (Julian Giacomelli chief at: )


Provisional Yoga Schedule

2 Jul

Hello everybody!

I now have a provisional schedule for Yoga classes. Please take a look on my YOGA page. I scheduled classes for 7.30am friday, sunday, monday. You may come 30 minutes earlier if needed. As well as afternoon classes on the same days. The Yoga styles offered are Ashtanga Mysore Style, which means instruction into self practice; and the Yoga India sequences, which is based on my Indian teacher’s study with BKS Iyengar. Both create heat in the body, aid the expelling of toxins, release emotions and strengthen the immune system.

I try and teach with emphasis on body awareness, and encourage my students to be aware of what is a healthy stretch and what is pushing one’s ego beyond the healthy range. Beginners and practicing Yoga students are welcome. Ashtanga will be taught in sequence, not perfectly Mysore style but with the ambition to reach Mysore style one day. Breath, Body, Mind.

We are all learning.

Prices are available on the ‘price’ page. Please read the ‘code of conduct’ before coming for Yoga or Massage. (I’m german you might have guessed…)

Also: I am good friends with several other Yoga teachers in Liverpool and internationally, and am ALWAYS happy to recommend the best one for you, if you for any reason find I am at this time not quite right for you.

!!!   I love working with people with physical limitations and those recovering from health issues. Long term my interest lies in therapeutic / restorative yoga and bodywork. All Yoga is therapeutic. There are no times scheduled on this website, please contact me with your requirements. Currently I have a regular student who is 72 and just starting for the first time in his life to practice Yoga and he loves it. A recent student of mine is in his early 60’s and finds Yoga a great experience for body and emotions. He now mostly practices with my main teacher Cliff Bond in Liverpool, as I was away for some time to train in Thai Massage and Yoga.

Foot massage and Yoga

2 Jul

Hampi central temple:


the past 2 weeks have been a little quiet, my hands hardly touched a foot or back or leg and the yoga mats have been quiet, too. I worked a lot on setting up an online presence that really still needs a  lot, lot, lot of work to fine tune it. Today I finally had a client, 90 minutes Foot massage, which was great. You start wondering what you are doing in the world, when you don’t get to practice / share what you know. The same goes for Art, too. I haven’t made much new work in the past year, taking a back seat, training in Massage and Yoga, taking time out to think through priorities. Health is an amazing gift, the bottom line is: make use of this and preserve it. Everything else will follow suit.

This week there are some bookings for Thai Massage and early morning yoga practice. I am happy to have a new student who would like to practice Mysore Style Ashtanga. This is really special for me, it takes me back to my time with Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga and the wish to return to practice with him. He died 2 years ago and instead of studying with Sharath, his grandson I practiced another Yoga style with a very nice teacher, Bharat Shetty, who runs Yoga India, also in Mysore.  Yoga India follows it’s own sequence which is related to the way Iyengar approaches his teaching. We used no props however. It was great studying here. This is also where I qualified for my Teaching qualification.

But from friday I will be practicing and teaching Mysore Style Ashtanga, self practice. 7.30am, 3-5 mornings a week. I have room for 2 more  students with / without experience, you should be dedicated to attending 3 mornings a week. Practice is done in silence, except for instructions. There is the option of joining the group as the students from the morning batch finish and leave. For this you may arrive at 9.00am, and start practice when a mat becomes available (with isntruction of course). Expect your practice to take between 45 minutes in the beginning to 90 minutes as you progress.

ASHTANGA Mysore Style Classes & YOGA INDIA style led CLASSES initial schedule: Please see the Yoga page