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30 Jul

 via Birgit: A special gift this week for You or your friend:

The first 3 people only:
If you come to my house and bring just £20,  90 minutes and your lovely self, THEN I would like to invite you for a footmassage (+ lower leg) this week that will make you feel like you are floating. I will use oils mixed with cream, you will sit back in silence, enjoying the green trees outside of my window and sips of endless herbal tea.
You would not have a big meal before, but rather eat a little than come hungry. You would have washed your feet that day (small dust and a day’s-use-traces no problem at all, that’s what they are there for). You would smile, cry, breathe, mostly breathe and enjoy your treat. Which day is suitable for you?
Your friend the universe via Birgit. xxx
location: Liverpool UK

+44 (0)7415 188 944